Saturday, July 18, 2015


Up until a couple of years ago I had a series of rat race jobs. I had bosses, deadlines, stress, car repayments and a mortgage. I knew there had to be better lifestyles than the one I was leading.
I’ve been online since about 1997 and was immediately fascinated by it. Then after a couple of years I began to realise that people could earn a living online.

I read a lot about how to make a living online but there was always some ebook I had to read or some course I had to do or some piece of software I had to buy. I suffered from information overload on a couple of occasions and went off-line for long periods to clear my head.

 Always, their seemed some piece of the puzzle missing and earning an income online became an elusive dream. I had a very stressful day job and often I simply did not have the energy to put into an online business. Long periods of time would pass where I could only dream of leading a better lifestyle and leaving the rat race behind.

Then the recession of 2009 hit and I lost my rat race job. The decision to leave the rat race was made for me. This blog is about how I escaped the rat race and survived to lead a better lifestyle.
When I first lost my job my health was a mess. I was overweight and depressed from years of continual work and financial stress. I decided that my health was my most important asset so I started walking and bicycle riding every day and only eating one meal a day.

I read a book called “Selling Used Books Online” and decided to start my own business selling used books. I didn’t make a fortune every week but it was enough to pay the rent and feed myself.
It was a part-time business so it gave me plenty of free time.

Around the same time I got into and decided to de-clutter my life by selling my house, car and most of my household goods. I was sick of the work consume treadmill and wanted to stay off it. I simplified my finances and no longer wanted to be weighed down by material possessions. I wanted the freedom to mover where I like when I like.

I still looked at other online business models but none of them really suited me. Then I stumbled upon Rosiland Garner’s Affiliate Blogger Pro site. Click here to learn more. She was teaching affiliate blogging. I could write and I wanted to sell digital products online. So I joined the site and have been slowly been able to build up my income. I even liquidated the used books I had and closed my used book business. Now I have no work stress, no financial problems and my office is 100 metres from the beach.

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