Saturday, July 18, 2015


The best thing I like about being retired is that you have no bosses, no goals and no deadlines. Even if you have to have goals and deadlines, you are the one who set them so you can delete or modify them at will.

After being retired for a while, you realise that the more goals and deadlines you set yourself, the most stress you will have in your life. I like drifting through the week with no set agenda. Every time I find myself setting goals, I review them and delete as many of them as I can. This gives me free time. I like free time.

You are the only one in charge of you, so why not make life as simple and relaxing as possible. I find the less goals I have, the more time I spend in solitude and peace. When that happens, the more creative I become. I would much rather make money by being creative than productive. Ask any creative person, peace and solitude are prerequisites for the creative process. Whether it be writing, music or art.

Our society brainwashes the young into believing that they must set goals and deadlines in order to achieve in life. What society does is create a lot of productive robots. If half of them had an original thought it would be lonely. The education system mainly teaches rules with little time to nurture creativity.

Most teachers are non-creative people turning out productive robots. Creative people are not attracted to the teaching profession where they have to repeat the same information year after year. If they are a creative person they soon get out of the teaching profession.

A lot of creative people find their creative talents by accident during times of their life when they don’t have to study or produce. They have plenty of time on their hands so they start to create. Original work needs plenty of time to be created.

The more people that realise they don’t need bosses, goals and deadlines, the more creative society will become. Bosses, goals and deadlines is very left brain consciousness, very logical, rational and judgemental. When you eliminate these concepts from your mind and realise all you need to do is enjoy the moment and entertain yourself, you enter alpha consciousness, very creative, intuitive and imaginative.

Society needs plenty of creative, intuitive and imaginative people to keep evolving. Otherwise things would stagnate and nobody wants a stagnant society.
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